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Are you ‘Tweeting Like Crazy’?

Are you ‘Tweeting Like Crazy’?

Do you find yourself suddenly ‘Tweeting Like Crazy’ in desperation to find leads and increase sales?

Do you go on a Tweeting rampage to ‘make up’ for not having tweeted in a while?

Do you feel you are on a 'Trolley Dash' to gather in as much as you can?

We are all guilty of having had ‘Tweeting Like Crazy’ moments (even though we won’t admit it openly!!).  Well, sorry to say this but having these outbursts on Twitter won’t work.

You need to build and work increasing your visibility and building your credibility.  This is done over time and in a planned way not here there and everywhere.

People like consistency – they will watch you from a distance to begin with but by keeping your visibility there they will start to move towards you and engage in conversations either directly or at first by simply retweeting something you have shared.

Here are just a few things you could do to avoid ‘Tweeting like crazy’

Remember this... Plan, Engage, Give, Share

Plan – You must plan your messages. Maybe work on a subject a week and plan your tweets accordingly.  A different subject each day would be too much.  Your audience is different throughout the day so I would suggest keeping to the same subject over a number of days to ensure you capture everyones attention.  Remember in any marketing campaign it takes a number of repeats for someone to recognise a brand or a message.

Engage – Engage with your audience, join in conversations.  Remember when you do this you are not just visible to your followers but to their followers too!

Give – Always give a little something away each day.  This could be in the form of #Tips #Business Advice #Motivational Quotes … Anything that may just make a difference to someones day.

Share – Twitter is not about taking it is about sharing too.  If you see something that catches your eye from your audience, then retweet it, share it with others.  You will be thanked and remembered and seen as someone reliable and credible.

So, plan and avoid ‘Tweeting Crazy’!

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