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Avoid the bog and get motivated

Yes, even the most motivated people have moments where they feel unmotivated. People can get into such a bog that even thinking about making a positive step forward seems too difficult, hard work, not worth it etc etc.

We have all been there, done that, got the t-shirt at some point (or a few points) in our lives. It can have such a massive impact to your daily working/living life that it can start to cause issues.

There is nothing worse than feeling heavy, unmotivated, fed up, confused etc etc … So, come on, Get up, Shake your body (literally) and let’s get back on track and go kick some butt! Here are some tips on how to stop the drag and get yourself motivated.

Set one goal at a time

We are so good at coming up with lots of ideas and goals that we start to create pressure on ourselves. Why do we do this to ourselves! There is no way we can give the same amount of energy and focus on numerous goals at the same time – It really is not possible.

So, take the immediate pressure away from yourself and pick one goal – then you can focus on it fully with all your energy and once you have completed that goal you can move on to the next!

Look for inspiration

Inspiration can be found in many places and take many forms. Look around at people who have achieved what you want to achieve. And make notes. Even if they are on the road to achieving something similar to you then look at what they are doing, see what you can use from their experience and apply it to yourself (tweaked to suit your particular needs).

Picturise your goal

Why not print your goal … either in words or in pictures. What will it look like, how you will feel etc etc and put it somewhere visible. This could be on your desk, on a notice board, on the fridge door or even on a team board (if you have a staff room etc). Why not make your desktop picture on your PC/Laptop/iPad your goal then you will see it all the time and know what it is you are working towards. This will help you to focus.

Make it a daily event

Make sure you think about your goals on a daily basis … that way it will stay fresh in your mind. You will become even more determined to achieve the goal and increase the chance of success. By picturising your goal as mentioned above you can’t miss an opportunity to think about it!

Small steps

Ok, now you have set your goal, make sure you create an achievable plan to fit in with your end goal. Do not set out to achieve the end result straight away. This doesn’t work and you will fall at the first bump in the road. Start with small steps 1 at a time just like a child would. Then when you have taken that first step, congratulate yourself and move on to the next. Once you have taken a few steps you will be well on your road.

Ask for help!

This might be something which some people will find quite hard to do but … Ask for help. Rome was not built by one person alone … There are so many people out there who are ready to help you so ASK! Use your network and pull your team together.

Keep going

Ok, there will be moments where you will blip here and there … Keep going! Keep focused on that goal. Don’t get annoyed with yourself if you do have a blip … that’s ok. Take that as a moment to take a breath and review what you have achieved so far.

Think positive!

How do you stay motivated?

What tools do you use to plan your goals?

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