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Social Media Solutions

Social Media is now absolutely key in any business. It is a vital portal to deliver live communications to a much larger audience than printed publications. It is instant and captures the attention of the readers immediately.

The key thing in Social Media is targeting your market using the various powerful tools out there in the media world. Knowing how to do this comes from experience. This is where Transire can assist you. We will set up your Social Media strategies across platforms suitable to your business.

We will assist you with your daily Social Media message deliveries to help you gain and keep your presence consistently.

We will work with you to establish your full requirements, understand your business and key goals. All our Social Media clients receive a bespoke service which is unique to their business.

Support for you:

If you are new to Social Media and would like to have a presence on the popular platforms i.e. Twitter / Facebook / Linkedin – we would be happy to create these accounts for you to get you going. For more information on this service please message us / call us.

We have 3 different ongoing Social Media support packages to offer you from 4 to 12 hours of support each month.

  • On Your Marks ...
  • Get Set ...
  • Go Social ...!

Success Story:

Our client who has just created a new business had never used Social Media before. Our Social Media team worked with them to build their visibility in the world of social media and within 3 months their business grew by 60%!

As we say at Transire - you have to shout to be heard, you have to seen to be noticed!

Become a social magnet, contact us Today!

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