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Why do we stress when we have work?

Why do we stress when we have work?

What is it about being busy, having work coming in that makes people stress? I have observed and listened to people sharing with me how stressed they feel and when asked what is it that is stressing you, they reply … I have so much work on at the moment! Why stress about it?  Surely having work in is a good thing? I could understand if you were feeling stressed at not having any work as that would be putting the pressure on to bring work in, pay the bills, live etc etc. If stressing about something works and makes you feel great then fine, go ahead and stress! If it isn't working by stressing then you may just need to do a few things …
  1. Organise your day in to achievable blocks
  2. Prioritise your work … Does it need to be done right now or is it something you can come back to later. Not everything needs to be done at the same time!
  3. Learn to say No! Yes, if you are really that busy then take control of your work flow.  It is much better to say to someone, I can’t just assist you right now but I can take a look/help you in xx hours or day.  Taking on more and more will only add the pressure and you will then end up failing to deliver or even worse burnt out.
  4. Turn the distraction off … Phones, Social Media, Email even the TV if you have one close to you! Having all those little temptations around to distract you are a nightmare so take control and close them down, turn them off.
  5. Take regular small breaks … Yes, I know this sounds a little contradictory but in order to control your stress levels you must take some time away from your desks. Even if it is just for 10 minutes to go and make a drink or get some fresh air.  When you take these small breaks you will return to your work with a clearer head.
  6. Breathe … yup, breathe! When we are stress we forget to breathe properly and hunch our shoulders.
  7. A little exercise … even if its just standing up and shaking your body, it will help.
Other things that could help you … Engage with people who can help you … You do not need to do it all. For example
  1. Social Media … if you need to use Social Media to keep your visibility going then either use online tools which can help or engage someone where Social Media is their job!
  2. Answering the phone ... There are many companies out there who can answer your calls so you can focus. They do not cost huge amounts and many offer basic packages.
  3. Business Support … Again, there are many fantastic people out there who can help you with project management, administration, VA support so have a chat with them and see how they can help you.
  4. Coaching / Mentoring … Yes, sometimes just having a coach or mentor can help you see clearly forward and come up with strategies to help you and your business. We all need a little help here and there.  We are not Super Human I can Do Everything beings!
Remember also that if you work with a team of people in the same office as you … your stress, huffing and puffing becomes theirs too … ! So, does stressing really make you feel good or does being in control and delivering a top notch service make you feel awesome? Take control and be proud that you have created a business with demand! Well, I hope this helps you stress a little less.

How do you manage?

Do you engage with others to help you?


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